Born to an English father and a Malay mother, Leila ‘Anjung’ Keats is an unprecedented figure in local history and considered one of the pioneers of Malaya. However, shortly after her death, the archivist investigating her life finds some curious inconsistencies. Of particular note are an art piece of mysterious origin, whose maker the archivist is eager to discover, as well as an untitled ghazal beginning with the cryptic refrain “give me your hand”.

As he reads Leila’s journals, written in her distinctive voice, the archivist is increasingly drawn into the details of her life. Though the archivist has spent his life sorting out and analysing the facts, as he follows the threads of this particular story, he learns to let the facts speak for themselves.

Is truth intellectual or personal? Are the margins of history wide enough to contain the depth and breadth of a human life? THREE INCHES OF ALIVE explores the nature of history and the individual’s place within it, questioning the objectivity of collected facts.

Written by Khoo En Ping Clarilyn
Directed and Lighting Design by Irfan Kasban
Performed by Gyan Lee & Siti Zuraida