Play synopses

We Fell In A Marathon by Gabriel Lim

Anthony is just an ordinary guy, until he finds himself coping with the death of his girlfriend. He soon realizes that he is not the only one mourning over her death, threatening his very life. We Fell in a Marathon is an exploration of romanticized relationships and the obligations we fulfill in society.

 My Father Wears Bras by Helmi Yusof

A widower rents a room in his flat to a stranger and soon discovers that the latter frequently cross-dresses. While initially appalled at having him as a tenant, they becomes friends and he’s introduced to the world of cross-dressing. This play was written following the events of July 2014 when the National Library removed from its shelves children’s books containing LGBTs and single mothers. The play is companion piece to My Mother Buys Condoms, which will be read on Saturday night.

Paper Thin by Mayura Baweja

Four characters find that their lives are intertwined in a hyper connected world.  As they attempt to wall themselves off from what hurts, they discover that help comes from unexpected quarters.  Exploring the links between life and writing, fiction and reality, undoing and doing, Paper Thin is about finding hope somewhere in between.

Hazy Pre-Nuptials by Serene Tan

Soon-to-be bride, Grace wants the most perfect wedding, one that involves more than your typical wedding bells and whistles. She thinks she has found the right man but does she have the right plan? Uncooperative weather, nosy parents and a jittery groom threaten to leave wedding plans hanging in the balance. Will she be ready for the unanticipated pre-nuptial woes leading up to her most anticipated life event? Or will she lose her way in pursuit of the perfect wedding?

 Conversations with my Father by Chan Lishan

When Lishan’s father was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition, she coped with the difficult experience of seeing his body fail him by writing “Conversations with my father”. Childhood, memories, local customs, illness, death and suffering are explored in this short play.

A Feathery Effect  by Eliete Vivino

The healing power of pets

After the last of her ducks is served as family dinner, a sad young girl detaches herself from feathery pets.  Now an adult and facing a serious illness, she has a powerful encounter with her own son’s pet, a bird.

 My Promise to my Animal Tamer by Liow De Jun

My Promise to my Animal Tamer is a poignant story depicting the warm love a mother has for her child. This child with his little companion eventually goes on board a journey of self-discovery as he relives parts of his life.

 No Regrets by Samantha Chia

Amanda has a good life. She has a loving boyfriend and a stable career. At least, that’s what her mother says. When Amanda finally decides to walk down a different path, a series of unexpected events occurs…

 My Mother Buys Condoms by Helmi Yusof

A woman in her 60s, separated from her husband, decides to have a sex life again. When her children and neighbours find out, she is instantly branded and ostracised. The play was inspired by the July 2014 debates that stemmed from the National Library’s removal of children’s books containing LGBTs and single mothers. It’s a companion piece to My Father Wears Bras, which was read on Friday night.

Directed by Irfan Kasban and performed by Daphne Ong, Faizal Abdullah, Rachel Poh, Siti Zuraida, Thomas Lim and Yazid Jalil

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