Irfan Kasban


Irfan Kasban is a freelance theatre maker who writes, directs, designs, and at times, performs. His unwavering dedication to art is a celebration of space and time, we call life. The former Associate Artistic Director of Teater Ekamatra is responsible for mentoring MEREKA incubation programme, and conceptualising works like CLASSIFIED: Projek Congkak (White Box Festival 2006), Keep Clear (Open Studio, Singapore Arts Festival 2010), Hantaran Buat Mangsa Lupa (M1 Fringe Festival 2012), 94:05 (Kakiseni Festival 2013) and main season shows; This Placement (2012), Tahan (2013), and A Beautiful Chance Encounter of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella on an Operating Table (2014). Recently he directed Three Inches of Alive as part of TheatreWorks’ Writing & Community 2015. Irfan is grateful to have learnt everything he knows from the kind souls who are willing to share. He believes sincerely in passing it forward.

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