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Upcoming: Writing & Community Programmes in 2016!

As we look back at 2015, TheatreWorks would like to thank everyone for your support over the past year. Through TheatreWorks Writers’ Laboratory Writing & Community Programme organized in partnership with our dedicated community partner South East Community Development Council, we presented range of programmes which serves the community and harness the talents in community. Some programmes presented in 2015 include: Performance Tour of Three Inches of Alive, 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015 and our latest series workshops and dramatised readings of new plays developed at Writing From The Heart.

Here’s to recap our moments in 2015,

Upcoming in 2016, we have an exciting programme line-up for Writing & Community Programme! First up, we have the Performance Tour of Between Consciousness, which is the winning play in 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015, Open Category. Written by Isaac Lim, this a two-performer playful piece which deals with struggles and how one overcomes the stigma of mental illness. Between Consciousness will tour to Mountbatten CC, Siglap South CC and Marine Parade CC in South East District  from February to March 2016.

Back by popular demand, Writing From The Heart, a series of playwriting workshops conducted by Tony Perez returns to 72-13 in April 2016. In addition, Tony Perez will be working with a handful of writers from the previous workshops to develop a new play which will in turn be further devised and developed into public dramatised readings.

Last but not least, we will be having our 19th edition of 24-Hour Playwriting Competition in July 2016.

Curious about the site of inspiration for the next competition? Follow our new blog at Writing and Community 2016 blog for more information and the latest updates on the programmes.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful 2016!

Writing from the Heart with Parent-Child Committee (Changkat Primary School)

WRITING FROM THE HEART had Tony Perez – a renowned Filipino playwright, novelist, and visual artist – joining us for a series of workshops with members from the South East district. This new workshop initiative that was held in partnership with the South East CDC was aimed at developing new ways of expressing oneself in relation to issues as well as enabling the participants to delve into their inner wells of creativity.

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Writing from the Heart with the Active Aging Committee (Lifelong Learning Institute)

The renowned Tony Perez graced our shores yet again for another round of WRITING FROM THE HEART. Hailing from the Philippines, Tony is an experienced playwright, novelist, and visual artist. Having published more than 40 books in the Philippines, he now devotes his time to posting his new and forthcoming books in cyberspace. Tony has worked with TheatreWorks since the 1990s. His recent project with WRITING FROM THE HEART includes a six-day workshop last December.

This time, we introduce a new workshop initiative to engage communities across the South East (SE) CDC and also to create more opportunities for cross-collaboration among the various committees. The workshop series was aimed at developing new ways of expressing oneself in relation to issues as well as enabling the participants to delve into their inner wells of creativity.

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What our participants said at Writing from the Heart on Thursday (Lifelong Learning Institute)

WRITING FROM THE HEART conducted a creative writing workshop with members from the Active Aging Committee last Thursday morning. We caught up with some participants after the workshop. Here are their comments and thoughts on the workshop.

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