Congratulations to the winners of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015!


Photo Credit: Siles Khua

Finally, the long wait is over! Here are the results for 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015. *Drumrolls…*

TheatreWorks congratulates all winners from this year’s competition.

Open Category

1st: Between Consciousness by Lim Jue Hao Isaac

2nd: The Drift by Iris Chia Hoon Nee

3rd: What We Are by Ng Chuan Shiow Angela

Merit: This is Home Truly by Jacke Chye Shing Jye

Merit: Q & A by Wang Wenfeng Jeremy

Youth Category

1st: Supine by Tan Wei Jia Zenda

2nd: What You Have Lost by Ang Kia Yee

3rd: This Lump in My Throat by Nur Sabrina Binte Dzulkifli

Merit: Circumambulations by Tharun Suresh

Let’s find out what the judges have to say about this year’s competition scripts!

“Reading the entries has been a most gratifying experience for me. The scripts addressed many pertinent concerns through a rich variety of creative strategies. If writing is the lifeblood of theatre, then the vast scope of imagination presented by the entries assures us that Singapore English language theatre continues to pulsate with vigour and energy. For me, the crucial task ahead of us is to ensure that these gifted writers are given the resources they deserve to continue to hone their skills and to bring their imaginative worlds alive on the stage.”

– Dr Jeffery Tan

“The first play you write will say as much about you as the last play you’ll write. So write to hone your very own expressiveness.  Create with the expansiveness of your imagination. The more imaginative your writing, the more others will be drawn to it, and will want to meet with it, with their own imagination. When you write for the theatre, you build these wonderful relationships with actors, directors and audiences. It’s a journey filled with endless possibilities. Writing is a wonderful craft to have and to hone. It’s also very difficult. The beauty is working through it with dedication and passion and then, when the work is done, a piece of you goes out into the world, and that’s special, and worth every minute of hard work and hard imagination you put into it.”

Natalie Hennedige

One of the winning scripts will be developed and presented as our annual Performance Tour to the South East District in Feb / Mar 2016.

Many thanks to our partner, South East CDC, National Arts Council, Engagement Programme Sponsors, Arts Fund, Lee Foundation, Kuo Pao Kun Foundation, and venue partner for this year’s competition, Institute of Mental Health for their belief and support.

Special thanks to Becca D’Bus for hosting the prize presentation, Chen Yingxuan for directing the readings and the talented actors, Alecia Kim Chua, Ebi Shankara, Shafiqhah Efandi and Windson Liong.

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