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Looking back: 24-Hour Playwriting Competition

The 24-HOUR PLAYWRITING COMPETITION has had a long list of history under its name, with the very first edition making a grand entrance in mid-1997. From a small event that was only known among the regular theatre-goers, the competition quickly expanded into the heart of the community.

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24-Hour Playwriting – What It Was Like (Part 2)

Are you still experiencing withdrawal symptoms from our 24-HOUR PLAYWRITING COMPETITION 2015? Reeling in from the exciting weekend at the Institute of Mental Health, we have received many enthusiastic responses from our participants!

Following the last post by Wei Qi, our ambassador Iris Chia-Khanashat stepped up to the plate to share her own perspective of the competition. Read on to find out her thoughts and observations!

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From the eyes of a mental health advocate

While the annual 24-HOUR PLAYWRITING COMPETITION is fully wrapped up for the year, our Engagement Intern, Nur Atiqah Majid, spent her time reflecting upon a special talk held during the course of the competition. Read on as she shares her comments and thoughts on the talk.

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24-Hour Playwriting – What It Was Like (Part 1)

Over the last weekend at the Institute of Mental Health, TheatreWorks held their 18th edition of the 24-HOUR PLAYWRITING COMPETITION from 6 to 7 June 2015. We have two of our ambassadors, Wei Qi and Iris Chia hopping onboard as participants for this year’s competition. This just goes to show how our ambassadors are also active audiences for our regular TheatreWorks’ programmes!

Following their 24-hour playwriting experience, these ambassadors will bring forth a two-part series – “24-Hour Playwriting – What Its Like”, revealing anything and everything they have encountered during the competition. These articles are NOT reviews nor do they attempt to be be reviews, rather the personal reflections of our ambassadors who are keen in sharing their Arts experience.

In this first part, Wei Qi share her experience during the 24 hours, as a regular participant at the competition! Read on to find out more!

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It’s a Wrap!

The 24-HOUR PLAYWRITING COMPETITION for the year 2015 may have come to an end but the memories of the event still linger in our minds. With a capacity of 80 over people squeezed within the IMH grounds, it is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience to remember! (I mean, how else would you get the opportunity to stay there overnight?).

Moving away from the usual heritage sites (Sun Yat Sen Nayang Memorial Hall in 2013, Malay Heritage Centre in 2014), the competition this year offered yet a whole new experience for participants. We have some participants sharing their take on the chosen venue and additional talks conducted by IMH.

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Aftermath of 24 Hours

As the clock was slowly approaching 4pm (the deadline for submission of scripts), some participants were in a frenzy trying to complete their scripts on time while others seem calm and collected (or rather relieved) knowing that the competition is coming to an end. Following the aftermath of script submission (and the hectic printing process), we caught up with some of the participants to delve into their 24-Hour Playwriting experience.

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Write of Passage: Get to know Yane’s 24-Hour experience in TODAY newspaper’s full page spread

Have you checked out TODAY newspaper? Our fellow participant, Yane Usagi, shared on her experience at the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015 held at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) last weekend.

From the colorful larger-than-life gamemaster, Becca D’ Bus to her own adventure within the IMH grounds, Yane reveals everything she had encountered during the 24 Hours. READ ALL ABOUT IT BELOW (click on image to enlarge).

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A recap on the FIVE STIMULI from 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015

The 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2015 wrapped up yesterday, 7 June, 4pm at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH)!

Here’s a recap of the 5 Stimuli which were unveiled at various intervals during the competition from 4pm on 6 Jun till 4pm 7 Jun.

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Our Participants shared their thoughts on the competition (Part 2)

As the night gets darker, loud snores were evidently heard throughout the glass atrium aka the holding area for our participants. Yet, some were plugged into their own world of writing as the sound of them typing away gradually fills the hall. We caught up with some of them who were still awake at midnight to hopefully sneak a peek into the progress of their plays.

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Observations at the Eleventh Hour

Time check:  4 am

It is the middle of the night and we are already at the halfway point of the competition. I think for many of us who are still awake, we have gone passed the point of needing sleep, and are simply running on adrenaline and willpower.

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