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Reflecting on Three Inches of Alive: Our volunteer’s perspective

THREE INCHES OF ALIVE drew a variety of responses over the course of its performance tour. Many felt the play resonated deeply with them, in different ways, and some were struck by the actors’ performance. TheatreWorks Ambassador Joel Tan, who joined us for the entirety of the tour, offers his own perspective on the play.

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Writing from the Heart Clinics with Tony Perez

Last Friday, Tony Perez continued his mentorship with three of our writers for WRITING FROM THE HEART. These writers, who were originally participants from the Dramaturgy programme last December, were invited to join us at 72-13 for one-on-one writing clinic sessions with Tony.

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Writing from the Heart with the Active Aging Committee (Lifelong Learning Institute)

The renowned Tony Perez graced our shores yet again for another round of WRITING FROM THE HEART. Hailing from the Philippines, Tony is an experienced playwright, novelist, and visual artist. Having published more than 40 books in the Philippines, he now devotes his time to posting his new and forthcoming books in cyberspace. Tony has worked with TheatreWorks since the 1990s. His recent project with WRITING FROM THE HEART includes a six-day workshop last December.

This time, we introduce a new workshop initiative to engage communities across the South East (SE) CDC and also to create more opportunities for cross-collaboration among the various committees. The workshop series was aimed at developing new ways of expressing oneself in relation to issues as well as enabling the participants to delve into their inner wells of creativity.

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Thank you for supporting our tour of Three Inches of Alive!

THREE INCHES OF ALIVE was staged at the Siglap South CC last weekend, and we were glad to be see many members of the community in attendance! Also with us were students from CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) at our matinée show on Friday. Have a look at our gallery for photos and highlights of the tour.

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What our participants said at Writing from the Heart on Thursday (Lifelong Learning Institute)

WRITING FROM THE HEART conducted a creative writing workshop with members from the Active Aging Committee last Thursday morning. We caught up with some participants after the workshop. Here are their comments and thoughts on the workshop.

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What our Audience Members said at Three Inches of Alive’s Matinée show on Saturday (Siglap South CC)

THREE INCHES OF ALIVE completed its tour of the South East District last Saturday afternoon at Siglap South CC. We caught up with some audience members after this final show. Here are their very insightful comments and thoughts on the play.

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In Conversation with Actors, Siti Zuraida & Gyan Lee

THREE INCHES OF ALIVE has received warm reviews from the audience, many of whom praised the actors’ performance at Mountbatten CC and the Malay Heritage Centre. TheatreWorks Engagement Intern, Yingbi Lee, spoke to the actors, Siti Zuraida (Siti Z) who plays Leila ‘Anjung’ Keats, a fictional Malayan pioneer, and Gyan Lee, the Archivist. They share with us their experience on stage and bringing their characters to life.

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Three Inches of Alive at the Malay Heritage Centre

THREE INCHES OF ALIVE completed an eventful run at the Malay Heritage Centre last weekend! The performances were extremely well received, with all four shows being fully packed.

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